O Gonçalo nasceu no dia 26 de Novembro de 2009, no Hospital de São Sebastião em Santa Maria da Feira, em morte aparente.

Necessitou de manobras de reanimação durante vinte minutos e de cuidados intensivos durante 18 dias.

Só ao fim de 25 dias pudémos trazer o nosso bebé para casa!

Foram dias muito difíceis! De muito sofrimento, de muita dor... Mas em nenhum desses dias deixámos de acreditar na força do nosso príncipe, que vinte minutos após o seu nascimento, demonstrou ser capaz de contrariar aquilo que mais ninguém pode contrariar!!

E foi nesse momento que guardou a primeira pedra do seu castelo...

Pedras no caminho?

Guardo todas, um dia vou construir um castelo…

(Fernando Pessoa)

quinta-feira, 30 de setembro de 2010

X-Cell Center - Mais um caso de sucesso

Faaris was born at 25 weeks, weighing 798 g (1lb 11oz).  He had a Hemorrhage in his Cerebellum at 4 weeks old and after spending 5 months in an NICU he was free to enter our world.  We noticed that he was slow in his overall development and at one and a half Faaris was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy.  Since his departure from the NICU he was receiving therapy and when he turned two we intensified his therapy by placing him a private special needs school where he also receives daily physiotherapy, speech, occupational and music therapies.  In Sept 2009,  when Faaris was three we heard about the X Cell Center, by Nov 2009, we had done our research and had already booked our date for his Lumbar Puncture.  Before going to the XCell-Center he could not say 2 word combination sentences, he could only pull up to stand and he had a lot of involuntary movements so much so that you would get vertigo just by watching him sit on a bench or on the toilet. 

Stem Cell Treatment

On the day after the stem cells were implanted, to our great surprise we noticed results immediately!  In the recovery room Faaris had to lie down for 3 hours before leaving, so to pass the time we were singing his favorite song,  Happy Birthday.  Before, Faaris could only say "happy bir" and he could not ever say the end of that phrase, however, when we started singing it, that day, he just came right out and said in loud voice "Happy birthday to YOU!"  He had never been able to say that nor could he put 4 words together!!!  2 days later he could sing "Twinkle Little Star" in its entirety!
We have a facebook page dedicated to Faaris's journey to Dusseldorf and the subsequent progress that he has made.  Below are our entries that we have made on the page with regards to his progress:
So it's official! The stem cells are making a difference. It has been 2 weeks since the implantation and Faaris's occupational therapist has reported to us that he  can now sit on a bench, toilet and chair without the involuntary movements!!! He is singing more songs and saying more sentences. He can also stand for a few seconds without support! HUGE PROGRESS in such a short time!

One Month after the Procedure

Faaris has made some real gains in this last month. He is continuously saying 3-4 word sentences and making up his own too instead of repeating what we are saying. He is articulating verbally what he is thinking without throwing temper tantrums. He is pronouncing words better now. He is able to feed himself better with a fork.  The best part is also with his cognition -  He is standing straight and putting weight on his feet. For 3 -15 seconds can stand with no support which is a big steps as his knees used to buckle and he would not be able to stand at all. I was strapping Faaris in his car seat, out of the blue, he grabs my arm and says "mommy...you're a good mommy" !!!! He has hardly called me by name let alone said something like this to me! How i have longed for this day and it has come!

Two Months after the Procedure

So now it has been 2 months and Faaris is continuing to make progress. He is saying more word and getting better pronunciation. He is also pulling up to stand on a lot of different things as before it was only very specific items. He has also started to cruise which is something new for him. Cognitively he is able to grasp more social etiquette and is becoming aware of his will power which is hard on us but is a great milestone for him as he is not passive and knows what he wants and is communicating it effectively.

Faaris is able to ride a bicycle which has some support for his trunk but he is able to co-ordinate the pedals and push them to move and he actually can ride around the neighborhood now!!!!!!!!!  He is saying more sentences and is getting better and better in his communication skills.  His retention for learning has really improved.  For example I taught him the word tissue yesterday and today when he wanted to wipe his nose he said while pointing to the tissue box " I want tissue please".  The rate in which he is learning had really increased. 
You can also visit the Facebook page at "Stem Cell Therapy for Faaris in Germany"

in http://www.xcell-center.com

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